Bruker Catalyst AFM (bioAFM)

Basic Information
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Catalyst AFM (bioAFM)
Atomic force microscope
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177 A
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Julie Last
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Advanced Information
Features & Accessories: 
The Bruker Catalyst AFM is positioned on an inverted microscope, allowing for the integration of AFM imaging with optical imaging. This arrangement allows for the imaging of larger samples, including samples on glass slides or in glass bottom dishes. Our system is equipped with DAPI (blue), GFP (green) and CY3 (red) filter cubes as well as a large selection objectives (see below). For AFM imaging, the Catalyst has both PeakForce Tapping and the Nanomechanics software package, which allows the user to easily measure elastic modulus values and modulus maps for a wide range of materials, from the kPa to the GPa range.