Fluobeam Intraoperative Real Time NIR Scanning

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Near infrared spectroscopy
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Justin Jeffery, Manager
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The UW small animal imaging lab is one of the first in the US to obtain the new Fluobeam™ (Fluoptics, Paris) hand-held imaging system which detects in vivo near infrared fluorescence in 2D at 800 nm. The system is equipped with a laser able to excite the near infrared fluorophores (NIR), associated with a crown of LEDs allowing one to work under white light in open space with a direct access to the animal. Focused on cancer surgery improvement, this technology will afford oncology surgeons a radically new efficiency in tumor resection. Of course the success of this concept will depend in large part on the ability of the optical agent to selectively localize in the tumor prior to surgery. Several UW investigators are currently developing tumor-specific NIR optical probes for intravenous administration that may potentially afford real-time intraoperative tumor margin illumination. Intraoperative margin illumination, for example, could have significant impact in glioma resection and rapidly determining lymph node involvement during breast cancer resection. This newly introduced unit is designed to be used in a surgical suite and therefore offers rapid clinical translation potential.