Genoptix AQUA Biomarker Quantification

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Quantitative biomarker analysis
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Sally Ann Drew, BS, MT
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AQUATM (HistoRx))

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Brightfield (BF) Fluorescence(Fl)


Slide scanning


Single slide capacity

Multiplexing analysis

Up to 4 channels

Auto-Fl. removal


Spectral Library


Analysis Software

AQUA algorithm

Data Format

Ordinal & Continuous

Suggested Applications:

Biomarker quantification
Per-tissue analysis (epith.vs. stroma)

Subcellular quantification


Per-cell data


Tissue structure (vessel, glomerulus, etc) counting


HistoRx AQUA services of quantitative biomarker analysis are available for licensing to researchers. The PM-2000TM image system obtains 2048 × 2048 pixels pictures. It is based on an Olympus BX51 fluorescent microscope that scans the whole slide at 4×, and then an analysis can be performed at 10×, 20×, 40×, or 60×. Up to 5 fluorescent probes can be applied in the same tissue. AQUA compartmentalization of expression uses an exponential subtraction algorithm and pixel- based locale assignment. This approach has the following advantages: reducing the "out-of-focus" noise, improving the resolution, compartmentalization of expression, and measuring average intensity (AQUA score: pixel intensity/pixel area).