Zeiss 200M Axiovert

Basic Information
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200 M Axiovert
Spinning disk inverted confocal microscope
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Ralph M. Albrecht (Director)
Fikrullah Kisa (Manager)
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(608) 263-4162
Advanced Information
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Zeiss Axiovert motorized inverted microscope with 10X conventional and 20X DIC objectives and 40X, 63X, and 100X DIC oil-immersion objectives.

A mercury arc lamp is used for fluorescence microscopy instead of lasers. This gives a wide choice of fluorophores, and is not limited to 2 or 3 specific excitation lines, as with lasers.

Specimens may be examined by transmitted brightfield illumination, transmitted-light differential interference contrast (DIC), epi-fluorescence, or in confocal mode using a spinning Nipkow disc. This confocal mode requires a reasonably bright signal, but gives the potential of studying living cells and samples that are sensitive to the phototoxicity and photobleaching of laser based systems.

Images collected by any of these methods may then be deconvolved using the microscope's software. The software and hardware are fully integrated so that the imaging program acquires the information needed to do the deconvolution along with the image. Image recording is done with a cooled CCD monochrome digital camera. Image files may be saved in the Zeiss format or in JPG, TIF, or other formats.