Nanoscale Imaging and Analysis Center


1509 University Avenue
53706 Madison , WI
About the Facility
About the Facility: 

The Nanoscale Imaging and Analysis Center (NIAC) provides instrumentation and expertise for the characterization of materials and nanostructures. It houses four scanning electron microscopes and three transmission electron microscopes, multiple x-ray diffractometers, two surface analysis instruments, and an atomic force microscope. Recent acquisitions include a dual-beam focused ion beam instrument, a scanning confocal micro-Raman spectrometer, and a small-angle x-ray diffractometer. Also new:  A BSL-2 laboratory with a biosafety cabinet is available for sample prep.  A Zeiss 510 confocal microscope and a Bruker Catalyst AFM (bioAFM) are also available in the BSL-2 lab.


  • Provides state-of-the-art instrumentation, support facilities, and expert technical assistance for research and education in materials.
  • Serves the needs of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the state of Wisconsin, and the nation.

Faculty and staff with diverse expertise use the center and are available to help solve materials-related problems.

Contact Information
Contact Name: 
Dr. Jerry Hunter, Director
Phone number: 
(608) 263-1073
Location Information
Street Address: 
Nanoscale Imaging and Analysis Center
1509 University Avenue
53706 Madison , WI

Equipment List

Instrument Namesort descending Type Scheduling
Aramis Confocal Raman Microscope Spectrometer Calendar
Bruker Catalyst AFM (bioAFM) Atomic force microscope Calendar
Bruker D8 Discover X- ray diffraction Calendar
Bruker Multimode 8 AFM Atomic force microscope Calendar
Denton High Vacuum Coating System Vacuum coater Calendar
FEI Tecnai T-12 Transmission electron microscope Calendar
FEI Titan Abberation Corrected TEM Transmission electron microscope Calendar
FEI Vitrobot Sample preparation Calendar
Fischione 1010 Ion mill Calendar
Fischione 1040 Ion mill Calendar
Fischione 1050 Ion mill Calendar
Horiba Fluorolog Spectrofluorometer Spectrofluorometer Calendar
Leica Ultracut 7 Ultramicrotome with cryo accessory Microtome Calendar
LEO 1530-1 FESEM/EDS/EBSD Scanning electron microscope Calendar
LEO 1530-2 FESEM/EDS Scanning electron microscope Calendar
Nikon Andor Spinning Disk Confocal spinning disk confocal
PANalytical X'Pert PRO X-ray diffractometer Calendar
Perkin Elmer PHI-670 Scanning auger microscope Calendar
Philips CM200 UT Transmission electron microscope Calendar
Rigaku Small-angle X-ray Scattering System XRD X-ray diffractometer Calendar
Siemens STOE X-ray diffractometer Calendar
Tecnai TF-30 300 KV Transmission electron microscope Calendar
Thermo K-alpha XPS Surface Science Calendar
VCR Ion Mill Ion mill Calendar
Zeiss Auriga Focused Ion Beam FE SEM Focused Ion Beam (Gallium source) Scanning electron microscope Calendar
Zygo interfermeter Surface science Calendar