UW-Madison Optical Imaging Core (UWOIC) Facility


1111 Highland Avenue
53705 Madison , WI
About the Facility
About the Facility: 

Currently, the core offers imaging services on three microscopes systems, (1) a Leica SP8 3X STED Super-resolution microscope, (2) Nikon A1RS confocal microscope, and (3) Leica DMi8 inverted fluorescent microscope. 

Imaging techniques available through the core now include:  Standard fluorescence, Super resolution microscopy, live cell long-term imaging, deconvolution, particle tracking, fluorescence spectral detection, FRET , FRAP, photactivation/uncaging, and calcium imaging.  The Optical Core also includes a small library of labeled secondary antibodies, miscellaneous reagents and mounting mediums.  Investigators can maintain and grow live cells in a culture room equipped with biosafety cabinets and CO2 incubators.

Usage fee for the Leica STED - $30/hr
Usage fee for the Nikon A1 - $30/hr
Usage fee for the Leica widefield microscope - $10/hr

Lance Rodenkirch 

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Lance Rodenkirch
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Rooms 2071-2076 WIMR2
1111 Highland Avenue
53705 Madison , WI

Equipment List

Instrument Namesort descending Type Scheduling
Leica SP8 3X STED super-resolution microscope Super resolution microsocope
Nikon A1R Spectral confocal microscope
Nikon A1RS Confocal microscope
Nikon Eclipse TE2000 inverted widefield fluorescence
W1 Yokagowa spinning disk confocal