BBPIC Laboratory Announces Demos of JEOL JSM6010PLUS Scanning Electron Microscope

BBPIC will be hosting demonstrations of the JEOL JSM-6010PLUS InTouchScope(TM) SEM for free to members of the UW-Madison community until the end of October. Interested users should contact kisa [at] wisc [dot] edu (Fikrullah Kisa, DVM); BBPIC Lab Manager for the opportunity to experience this microscope's user-friendly interface and high resolution imaging with energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS).










WIMR Optical Core Facility Announces Microscopy Demos and Instrument Testing

The Wisconsin Institute for Medical Research will be hosting a series of microscopy demos over the next several weeks to provide opportunities for investigators to test instruments under consideration. Investigators can request a 4-hour slot (8AM-12PM or 1PM-5PM) each day an instrument is here by emailing audhya [at] wisc [dot] edu (Jon Audhya). Tentative schedule below:


Monday October 6th through Friday October 10th: Opterra (Sweptfield).

Monday October 13th through Friday October 17th: 3 Channel Ultima IV

Monday October 20th through Friday October 24th: Vutara350


Cryo-electron microscopy at UW-Madison

The ESCRT-III subunit Vps32/CHMP4B assembles into spiral-shaped polymers, shown above in The Journal of Cell Biology cover image. This micrograph was acquired on the Tecnai TF-30 300 kV located in the Materials Science Center.

Findings in the laboratory of Jon Audhya featured on the cover of The Journal of Cell Biology suggest a new mechanism for membrane remodeling. Components of a protein complex (ESCRT-III) assemble into spiral filaments to help cells bend and reseal membranes during many fundamental processes, including cell division, membrane transport, and organelle synthesis.

 Negatively stained and vitrified recombinant proteins were examined by cryo-electron microscopy and electron tomography using Xplore3D software.


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